Not All Omega Oils Are Created Equal!

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What You Will Find In Our 


That Is Completely Missing 

In All Of  The Fish Oils?

COMPLETE OMEGA 3-6-7-9 is different than any other omega supplements on the market.

First of all, our COMPLETE OMEGA contains the full panel of essential fatty acids including the very rare Omega 7. So, don’t be fooled when others try to sell you an Omega 3-6-9 supplement marketed as a COMPLETE OMEGA supplement, while their product is completely missing the super-critical Omega 7.

Second, our Complete Omega 3-6-7-9 is manufactured in European Union, which is well known for their highest quality standards and strict quality control, unlike the vast majority of the omega supplements on the market today, that come from China or Far East.

Our Sea Buckthorn Oil is extracted using our natural cold-press extraction method from the whole sea buckthorn berries (the pulp and the berry seeds), to ensure the highest absorption of nutrients while preserving the nutrients’ profile.

Our Sea Buckthorn Berries are wild harvested in Europe and have a higher concentration of Vitamin E than sea buckthorn berries from other parts of the world. Vitamin E is known as “the beauty vitamin” because of the great benefits it provides to your skin. The more vitamin E in the COMPLETE OMEGA, the more benefits for your skin, and that is another reason to choose our product.

Not only COMPLETE OMEGA 3-6-7-9 is unmatched in terms of high concentration of Vitamin E, but besides the complete panel of omega 3-6-7-9, it contains over 190 bioactive nutrients with strong anti-oxidant, anti-Inflammatory properties. Among them:

The beneficial effect of various active ingredients contained in sea-buckthorn oil has been recognized in food industry as well as in medicine, pharmacology and cosmetic industry where this oil is used more and more often in skin care preparations or as an adjunctive treatment in various diseases.*

Why Choose Complete Omega 3-6-7-9 Over Fish Oil?

Why Thousands Of Our Customers Love Our Complete Omega 3-6-7-9

These are just a few of the many reasons thousands of customers are buying our COMPLETE OMEGA 3-6-7-9 on a monthly basis:

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Finally an Omega 3 supplement that doesn’t leave a fishy aftertaste, and provides all of the critical omegas (3,6,7,9) in one small, easy to swallow capsule. Besides the omegas, the oil contains a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients from a natural source, unlike most of the vitamins on the market which are artificially created in labs. The oil is especially rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C, but also contains the fat soluble vitamins D, E, F, K in significant amounts. This product is a winner!

S. C.

Omega 7 was my main interest. This support the thyroid function but i have never seen it available anywhere else.

R. O.

Better than fish oil….free from bad taste, no after taste, free from bad smell, helps clear thinking and
sense an elevated mood/feeling good. Very good product, I would buy again and recommend this item.


Great for skin, hair and nails.


Its been helping with my mucosa lining dryness.

Ms. M. D.

This product improved my good cholesterol and I am very pleased!


Great product, I highly recommend


Was great! Saw immediate positive changes in my skin, hair, and overall felt better within just a few days. Definitely recommend.

J. M.

I spent about two hours online researching the best Omega supplement out there for both myself and my young children. For myself I wanted a high amount of Omega 7 and for one of my children it had to be fish free due to allergies. I landed on this one based on the levels Omegas, the sourcing from Sea Buckthorn Cold pressed, and of course the price. There is no burping fish taste..but why would there be when it doesn’t contain fish, and the capsules are small enough for young children or seniors to swallow.


Great product. Curbs my appetite and stabilizes my metabolism so i’m not feeling hungry. Been taking it for 2 weeks now and have no craving too. It’s starting to clear out eczema on my face as well as. Just purchased my second bottle. My husband who has a heart condition says that he is not spiking in hunger too.

A. G.

Great product, the pain in my joints have almost completely gone, not bad, as i didn’t buy them for this purpose. If you have bad joint pains give them a go 100% No Brainer.

A. T.

No after taste. Easy to swallow.


Definitely has helped my vision.


I’ve never taken a supplement before that actually noticeably works and works quickly. In 3 days my chemically dried out hair became soft and shiny. A month later, my skin is soft and now my nails are strong. I recommended it to my mother when her hair became dry. Now she’s hooked too. What’s more, my hairdresser was so amazed with my hair’s improvement that she started taking it. I went for a pedicure and the lady admired my skin and nails so much that she wanted to take it. It works. You will know it. You will love it. Buy it!


I have try a lot of products, but my body didn’t like the fish oil ingredients.
This one is perfect I don’t burp, no bad taste. Just the goods stuff. Finally I can absorb the omega that I need.
It is also perfect because it is the full spectrum of all the omega and the quality is really good. I will come back for more.

Update: I order my 2nd bottle. It is really a great product. I got all the omega I need and no burping problem. My body loves it.
My daughter now uses it and is very happy with it for the same reason!


This really help the menopausal symptoms of dryness. My skins looks better and eyes feel less dry. I have been taking two a days and as soon as i was running out. I ordered some more. I really feel this product has made a difference.

G. C.

Great for dry eyes, really helped moisturize.

J. J.

Excellent product! Easy to swallow and digest! You can feel the goodness on your body immediately! Not fish after taste or reflux just goodness of earth!

C. D. V.

Great alternative to Fish capsules.

Mr. S. F.

NATTURA makes this product from the berries and the seeds. A newspaper article stated that sea buckthorn oil derived from the berries was best, and many other brands come from only the seeds. We take Complete Omega to combat “dry eye” and to promote healthy skin. This is our 2nd order because NATTURA delivers what they advertise, and it is delivered quickly.


I absolutely love this product. I have been taking it with oyster mashroom capsules and my cholesterol dropped from 175 to 130. I bought my second bottle.


Purchased for my wife. She is very happy with this and the price was good.


I was taking OMEGA 3 and found out the COMPLETE OMEGA 3-6-7-9 WAS BETTER.


   1-Month Supply



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